PRO – Predictive & Reliable Operations


Predictive & Reliable Operations is the portfolio element at clockworkX in which we achieve the symbiosis of Industrial Data Science, Business Intelligence and the Digital Twin. We enrich data along the value chain, make data accessible and useful for management decission support.


Our approach to Predictive and Reliable Operations is open and skill-oriented. We deliver customised solutions in the areas of Industrial Data Science, Business Intelligence and Digital Twins. We deliver end-to-end solutions from data acquisition to insights for decision support.

Services & Value Added

Our service portfolio is summarized below:

  • Industrial Data Science 
    • Machine Data Analysis
    • Machine Learning / AI 
    • Field Data Analysis 
    • Predictive Maintenance 
    • Performance Optimization 
    • Retrofit Sensor Solutions 
  • Digitalization / Asset Management 
    • Data & Metadata Management 
    • Digital Twin Computing 
    • Enhanced Data Acquisition 
    • Asset Management Optimization 
    • Digitalization Strategy 
    • Product Life Cylce Management 
  • Business Intelligence 
    • Business:
      • Data Driven Culture 
      • Process Mining 
    • Data:
      • Discovery 
      • Governance 
      • Quality 
      • Preparation 
      • Modeling 
      • Visualisation 
    • Functions:
      • Operations  
      • Finance 
      • Sales 
      • Purchasing 
      • Quality 
      • Customer Service 
      • R&D 
      • Manufacturing 

Products & Value Added

In a customer and market oriented strategy we systemize our expert knowledge in software and/or consulting products. Our current product portfolio is summarized below:

    • Contextual Knowledge Digital Twin Stardust
    • Data Science Workshops
    • Business Intelligence Workshops
    • Asset Management Coachings
    • Wireless Sensor System LyraSense


Especially the machinery industry profits from our digital and predictive asset management solutions. clockworkX is your partner in exploring and implementing data-driven solutions to enhance availability and minimize the risk of unplanned downtimes. We service customers with machinery parks in various applications, analyzing data from rotating equipment, MES systems and/or field data. Our focus is especially on deriving value from data, not just analyzing it. clockworkX retreives crucial operational and strategical knowledge from data over the whole product life cycle.


Applying data driven asset management solutions is especially important in the energy industry. The profitability of energy assets strongly depends on the operator’s ability to optimize the ratio between system availability and asset management cost. Optimizing and ensuring planned Levelized-Cost-of-Energy is one goal of clockworkX’s customized solutions for the energy branche. We apply retrofit sensor solutions to enable smart maintenance in aging energy assets (e.g. wind turbines) and help to build OPEX-models fed with field data to make operations predictable and as efficient as possible.


In the semiconductor industry clockworkX is driven by the high global market demand of semiconductor products. We support OEMs in this field to maximize the availability potential of the asset fleet, we build customized availability management tools and support in anaylzing field data in order to optimize predictive maintenance solutions for chip printing ventures.


The railway industry is a classic customer of clockworkX when it comes to Reliability, Availability, Maintainability and Safety (RAMS). The global climate crisis is a driver for clockworkX’s railway customers to enhance and optimize availability and relaibility of rolling stock and the surrounding railway system using data-driven algorithms and software for clean and climate neutral mobility and transport solutions.




BI Discovery Workshop

Data Science Workshop

Stardust DEMO


Oliver Klemm

PRO Coordinator


Head of Data Science – Software

Nicolas Munoz Castellano

Head of Data Science – Consulting